Rescued Dogs with Broken Limbs and Pneumonia

Dogs Are Not Livestock
One of the cruelest aspects of the process of breeding dogs for meat is their transportation. 5 to 6 dogs are squeezed into a low narrow metal cage that one large dog could not fit into unless it crouched down.

Have you ever seen a truck loaded with dogs heading to the slaughterhouse?

With all our experience in investigating the dog meat industry, one of the cruelest aspects of the process of breeding dogs for meat is their transportation. 5 to 6 dogs are squeezed into a low narrow metal cage that one large dog could not fit into unless it crouched down.

Photo of caged dogs taken from CARE’s past investigations of the dog meat industry.

The dogs lying at the bottom may be crushed to death, but these people don’t care. The dogs cannot move, being shoved into the cage like products, even when their backs or limbs get twisted and sprained. The cages are loaded onto a truck with no protection from the wind or other elements, and the painful journey lasts for 4 to 5 hours on average.

Last Christmas Eve, the dogs at a dog farm in Siheung, a city south west of Seoul, were kidnapped just before we were due to rescue them. On December 30th they were returned to us by the perpetrators, but it seems that 35 were slaughtered between the time of their kidnapping and return.

Including the dogs they brought in place of the ones kidnapped and killed, there are about 60 surviving dogs alive today.

We remember the words of a merchant at Moran market. “The dogs sold to a slaughterhouse are often dead within 5 days before they can be slaughtered.” The Death Truck is the cause.

50 out of the 60 dogs had their limbs folded into little cages, and had the cold winter air entering their lungs during that agonizing trip. All are suffering from pneumonia and other cold-related ailments as a result.

They were also injured from the harsh trip. Some had joints dislocated, and for some of the others, x-rays revealed fractures and broken bones. Some are literally at death’s door, diagnosed with serious illnesses, including blood poisoning.

After such painful transportation, the dogs are seized with fear and more wary of humans than before, making them more difficult to handle.

Their treatment costs amount to about 150 million KRW, or $130,000 USD. Sheltering and rehoming them will incur additional costs.

We will struggle to meet these costs, but we can’t give up on these surviving dogs who have suffered so much.

If you can help us care for these dogs in any way, please consider making a donation to their rehabilitation and rehoming.

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15 Responses

  1. Asian countries well known for this vile cruelty should be shunned by the rest of the World. Indonesia, Philippines also included. They are the vile places on Earth responsible for so much cruelty against animals. It is never ending, nothing deters them. Their mentality is different to KIND COMPASSIONATE people. They have dark ugly hearts and souls. The World should refuse any sort of communication with them. Shun them for what they are. SCUM!! Not all however, the younger generation seem to be changing, let’s hope all of the ugly people change their attitude or die off soon.

    1. Totally agree.
      ALL YEARS I GIVE MANY MONEY TO 2 Associations (FIGHT DOG MEAT Australia – and HSI Humane Society International), and to 2 Associations in Italy (OIPA – and Animal Equality italia), for STOP CRUELTY ON ALL ANIMALS, and STOP THE HORRIFIC DOGSandCATS MEAT TRADE IN THE WORLD !!

  2. Animals have every right to live their lives just like we humans do. They feel just like humans do too; pain, hunger, cold, abandonment, anguish, but also happiness. Most importantly, they have a tremendous capacity to give so much love to others.
    We’re not only considering cats or dogs, but all animals, where so many of them have been killed with such cruelty for no apparent reasons, except that of having a “trophy” worth thousands of dollars at home! Animals were put on this land not to entertain us, feed us or become our “prizes”. They deserve so much more……… we, humans, must treat all living creatures with dignity, just like we like being treated. We ARE NOT the owners of animals. Nobody gave us such a right.

  3. This evil business must end.Look at the dogs faces and see
    the hurt that they are in. No dog meat ever or cats!These
    jerks seem to love harming and torturing them. This must
    end in all countries sooner than later. Congrats to those who
    are able to rescue some!

  4. Dogs are kind, spiritual beings, who are the only species in the world that is born with the ability to recognize human facial expressions. They are more human than the great apes, because they don’t exist in the wild, they evolved along with us. They have protected us for thousands of years. We owe them kindness and respect. We should stop violence against all creatures, but dogs are the first on the waiting list to protect from violent crimes! I count on the friendly country of Korea to stop this despicable crime now!

  5. I pray every night that coronavirus wipes out the whole of Asia and teaches them a lesson! What an evil race of people and I know animal cruelty is world wide but Asia is most barbaric when it comes to any animal!!!! Karma karma catches up in the end ☺️

    God punishes those in mysterious ways

  6. Dogs are pets. They aren’t meat. Even if people must eat them there is no reason for torture along the way. Most Chinese have zero regard for anyone or anything but themselves and family. They are especially cruel to animals.

  7. Well you have to be more vigilant when rescuing dogs so this doesn’t happen now all those dogs were slaughtered an tortured when you know these people steal dogs for this


    1. Sick fks. How can they treat animals like that? I donate and try to petition and help anyway I can. 😭🙏🏻💕❤️

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