Physical Pain Recognized as Animal Cruelty

A gas station owner in Jangheung, South Jeolla Province, who habitually assaulted his two dogs—Kangi and Hongi—is possibly to be charged with “acts causing physical pain,’ a clause included in the Animal Protection Act in September 2018. The man had been assaulting the several dogs he owns for no apparent reason.

We have been informed by the Jangheung municipality police that the perpetrator of this crime is to be handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office for review of charges of animal cruelty by causing physical pain.

In the video that was taken of him, he suddenly stops working, approaches one of his dogs and hits him in the jaw several times. The dog, Kangi, who was wagging his tail as the man approached, sinks down to the ground in obvious pain.

In effect from September 2018, a clause about physical pain was included in the Animal Protection Act. Previously, there had to be a visible injury for animal cruelty to be legally recognized.

We had been campaigning to amend this law for more than a decade, cooperating with (Korean) and KAAP (Korean Association for Animal Protection.)

We will keep you updated in the hope that the Prosecutor’s Office decides to go ahead with the charges against Kangi and Hongi’s abuser.

Kangi is now happy in his new home in the U.S., and Hongi is soon to leave for the U.S. as well, after having undergone medical treatment.

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