Herbal Remedies for Your Anxious Dog

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See Spot run. Hear Spot bark… especially when he’s anxious. He’s not trying to annoy you: He just doesn’t know the people knocking at the door.

Like people, dogs can become anxious and uneasy in new situations. The problem is compounded during the holidays when his routine is disrupted and there’s a house full of company.

Sure, your veterinarian can prescribe medication to help combat your pup’s anxiety. But you can use natural herbal remedies to calm your pooch without making them drowsy. Indeed, dogs will intuitively eat plants to treat their own symptoms—they self-medicate.

Check out these herbal remedies for your anxious dog.


This natural herb is a favorite among dog owners who use it to prevent car sickness and soothe a pet’s upset stomach. You can steep chamomile leaves in water to create a tea and mix it with your dog’s food or water. The best part? It’s easy to grow both outdoors and indoors, so you’ll always have some on hand. When the holiday madness is over, join your pup for a cup of chamomile tea, so you can both relax together.

St. John’s Wort

This is an excellent herb for calming a dog that suffers from separation anxiety. It’s also a big seller around New Year and July 4th, when fireworks often send our four-legged friends hiding under the bed. Like Chamomile, it’s easy to brew into a tea and pour over your dog’s food. You can also pour it into your dog’s water, or you can buy a tincture and put it directly on his tongue.

This herb grows so vigorously, that some areas consider it an invasive weed. One plant will produce thousands of seeds, causing it to return year after year. The star-shaped, yellow flowers will also add a pleasant touch to your herb garden.

Valerian Root

Native Americans discovered the sedative qualities of this herb centuries ago. It’s an excellent sleep aid, often used to treat insomnia. It can take at least a year to grow a Valerian plant before its roots are ready to harvest as an anxiety aid. The roots also need a few months to dry out before they can be used in an herbal tea.


Yes, you read that correctly. Catnip is actually beneficial for dogs! The same properties that send felines into a euphoric state, can have incredible calming effects on your dog, too. It can also stimulate your dog’s appetite, ease cold symptoms, and relieve pain.

You’ve rescued your dog from a life of neglect or abuse, why not rescue him from a life of anxiety. You don’t have to use expensive medications or train your dog to relax. Instead, train yourself how to grow these medicinal herbs at home. Why not grow a pet herb garden to make it easier for them to help themselves?

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