Factory Processing Abandoned Animals Bodies for Feed Found in South Chungcheong

Factory Processing Abandoned Animal Bodies

Last October, Jun-ho Yoon, a member of the National Assembly, exposed the fact that the bodies of 3,829 abandoned animals—both naturally deceased and euthanized—had been sent to an animal feedstuff factory from a shelter run by the city of Jeju.

We reported on this issue and promised to keep an eye out for other regional authorities doing something similar.

We have discovered that five city and county authorities in South Chungcheong Province (Boryeong, Nonsan, Geumsan, Buyeo, Seocheon) are sending the carcasses of abandoned animals from shelters to Corporation H, where they are being rendered into animal fat.

Animal fat is what is called a “single ingredient” in the production of animal feedstuffs. A single ingredient could be vegetable, animal, or mineral in nature, and used in feed either by itself or as part of a compound.

Corporation H is a rendering factory. Rendering consists of shredding and grinding the carcasses of animals and sterilizing the result to produce fats and a powder-like material.

This process is not illegal; cattle killed due to disease are processed in the same way as well. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) had supported rendering facilities in periods of cattle disease in 2018.

According to the law regarding the management of animal feed, however, the carcasses of animals who die under normal circumstances are banned from being used this way. It is only lawful to process the carcasses of animals in order to prevent cattle infections. This means that the carcasses of abandoned animals are not to be used to make animal feedstuffs.

We could not discover the exact use of these abandoned animals bodies by Corporation H. They were rendered to make feed, but for what animal and under what name the feed is marketed are still unanswered questions.

To solve this issue, we need action from MAFRA. They must survey the methods of disposal of animal bodies in animal shelters run or commissioned by regional authorities nationwide, and put a stop to any sending carcasses to rendering factories.

We will send an official letter of protest demanding solutions to MAFRA, and we will insist on a formal reply.

If you wish to help us by protesting directly to MAFRA, you can do so by calling these numbers below. Please be aware that if you are calling from abroad, international call rates will apply.

  • 044-201-2371
  • 044-201-2372
  • 044-201-2374

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