Bali’s Escape from Serial Assault

In December 2018, we received a request for an urgent rescue.

The informant told us that each time his neighbor left their rented house, the owner would often let themselves in with their key, and beat the tenants dogs dogs with a metal pipe.

One time, when the tenant returned home, two of their dogs were dead, one was missing and the rest of the dogs had serious injuries or were unconscious on the floor. So, the neighbor called us in desperation.

We quickly made our way down to Pohang City.

We met the house owner face-to-face. He person brazenly claimed that it was his house so he could go in and out as he liked since he had the key, and because he disliked his tenant, he beat the dogs.

We didn’t know how the rest of the dogs were health-wise, but we rescued them all, took them back to Seoul, and gave them the necessary treatment.

One of the dogs, sweet and docile Bali, has now found a forever home in Toronto, Canada.

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