A New Life in San Diego – Ruby’s Story

In February 2019, we found Ruby when Beolgyo Dog Farm in South Jeolla Province was shut down. She was one of the lucky ones that hadn’t been quickly sold off to other slaughterhouses.

The dog meat farm had off-the-ground cages in one corner in which dogs were caged, and in the other corner was the dog slaughtering equipment. Next to that, was a fridge where cut up pieces of dogs were stored.

The home of dog meat dog

Ruby was a small black dog trembling in a dark corner of a cage, so we could’ve easily missed her. Although our shelters were full, we had to make sure that she was removed from that environment as soon as possible. With the help of our volunteers, we were able to get her treated and fostered.

After almost a year of waiting, we were contacted by someone who already had two dogs—one disabled and the other a senior dog—who wanted to adopt Ruby as well.

The adopter lives in San Diego, and her older brother flew over to Korea to get Ruby and take her back to her new family.

We would like to wholeheartedly thank Ruby’s adopter for providing a loving forever home.

And we would like to thank our amazing volunteers who give up their free time to help animals in need, without whom our work would be so much more difficult.

We need you!

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