Incheon Grand Park Children’s Zoo, run by the city of Incheon, has sold five miniature pigs, bought for 1.5 million KRW a head, to a slaughterhouse for 6,000 KRW each.

The miniature pigs thought to have been taken to the slaughterhouse

From one perspective, the zoo appears a quiet and peaceful spot where people and animals coexist peacefully, with citizens taking walks and animals grazing on grass or napping. From the other side, however, there is the tragedy of incarcerated animals being used for human entertainment and pleasure and then being sold for a fraction of their original cost to be slaughtered.

The entrance to Incheon Grand Park Children’s Zoo

A few months back, someone contacted us to tell us about animals vanishing from the Children’s Zoo. The informant had asked for CARE’s help after working alone to try to discover the truth.

Our investigation discovered that five miniature pigs bought in 2018 for 1.5 million KRW each had been sold for 6,606 KRW each in 2019 to a nearby slaughterhouse. The same thing had apparently happened to other animals too.

Incheon Grand Park has been buying and selling animals since 2006; we found evidence of sales of Sika deer and Silkie chickens in 2007, Sika deer, goats and dogs in 2011, Sika deer in 2012, ponies and Long-tailed chickens in 2016, and Hanwoo, a breed of small cattle native to Korea, and the miniature pigs in 2019.

Until October 2019, the Zoo had also attempted to sell six of the eight black goats that were there when we were investigating.

We managed to discover that the five miniature pigs had been sold to a nearby slaughterhouse, but the fate of the other animals, including newborn black goats, remains unknown.

There may be sales of other animals for which we have no evidence.

It appears that most of the animals on display had not been neutered so that offspring had been born and the excess animals had been sold. The most frequently sold animals were black goats and Sika deer.

We will request the following of the city of Incheon and Incheon Grand Park:

  • Reveal where animals (breeds and numbers) have been sold
  • Stop the trading of animals immediately
  • Undertake neutering of the exhibited animals
  • Come up with a roadmap to close of the Children’s Zoo in accordance with the lifespans of the remaining exhibited animals

We are committed to ending the exploitation of animals for entertainment by Incheon Grand Park Children’s Zoo, and their callous disposal and slaughter when, through mismanagement, they become surplus to requirements.

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