Wishing Baekgu a Warm and Blissful Life with New Family

It’s that time of year again. Winter is especially difficult for all the stray animals living without a home.

We received a call that a white Jindo has been waiting for her family on the same spot where she was abandoned six months earlier.

After waiting for so long for her family to return, the dog got so hungry that she found her way into a house where two other dogs were kept. Fortunately, the owner of the two dogs took pity on Baekgu and fed her, but the heartbroken dog wouldn’t open up to strangers so easily.

One day, Baekgu got run over by a vehicle, which is not uncommon for stray animals.

After getting hit, Beakgu could no longer use one of her legs. Because no one could offer her any treatment, she survived by staying away from people, sharing food given to the two other dogs and sleeping at their house. Then, she got pregnant and the situation got much tougher for her.

By chance, she was seen by someone who saw Baekgu in the street limping with her injured leg. The informant called us, and we rescued her on November 22nd.

Upon examination, the vet told us that treating Baekgu’s severe leg injury would make it much more difficult for her, and that she would be better off not getting surgery at this point. She was also suffering from heartworms.

The informant offered to pay for the treatment and adopt both Baekgu and her new-born pup.

Although the family that Baekgu was waiting for never turned up, in the end, she found the best mom in the world to look after her and her new-born.

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