Rescued from Cheonan Slaughterhouse – Taxi’s Story

Taxi is another of the dogs rescued from the Cheonan Dog Slaughterhouse in the pouring rain and stifling heat on the morning of July 21st, surrounded by the stench of death.

Summer is the worst time for dogs in Korea as they are slaughtered in horrific ways because of the false belief that consuming their flesh will help the body deal with the extreme summer heat.

Taxi is one of the lucky dogs who got another chance at life.

People who had heard Taxi’s story offered to foster her while we searched for someone to adopt her.

Taxi now lives with her new forever family in Las Vegas. She has a new animal buddy whom she can play with anytime she wants, and a new mom and dad who’ll look after and see that no more harm comes to her.

Taxi will have nothing to fear from now on. Thanks to CARE staff, the volunteers, her fosterer, and her adopters in Las Vegas, Taxi gets to live a second life.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who helped rescue and care for the Cheonan dogs, and would like to thank everyone who continue to fight and care for animals in need.

Every time a dog flies abroad to his or her new home, we are always glad that the time and effort has been worth it. However, there are many more dogs in our shelters waiting for families.

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