Despite all the risks involved, CARE staff entered the dog slaughterhouse in Cheonan that was burning dogs alive, and distributed water and food to the dogs kept in horrendous circumstances, with feces and dead rats everywhere.

When the actual rescuing of the dogs commenced, everyone united to help the animals until they were in safe hands, able to get treatment at the vet, and taken to foster homes before flying abroad to their forever homes.

To send these rescued dogs overseas for adoption, we contacted various international organizations, and through flight volunteers, they were able to fly over to their new homes.

The dogs that were saved from being burned alive at the Cheonan slaughterhouse are one by one finding their forever homes.

Sola’s eyes sparkled, even when he was trapped in such a dire environment.

A dog may be just livestock and food to some, but to us, Sola—like all dogs—was one of a kind; deserving of love and a life free from fear and pain.

Through hard work, Sola has now found a warm-hearted adopter to take care of him, a new doggie friend and a comfy bed on which to lay his head.

We will do everything in our power to bring about the end of dog slaughter, and to rescue every dog that we are able.

With your help, we are able to rescue and change the lives of more dogs. Consider becoming a regular donor to help us in this endeavor.

Every time a dog flies abroad to his or her new home, we are always glad that the time and effort has been worth it. However, there are many more dogs in our shelters waiting for families.

Check out the dogs waiting for forever homes, and see if one of them could be the newest member of your family. View Now

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