Rescued from Cheonan Slaughterhouse – Lily’s Story

The overseas adoption of the little ones rescued from the dog slaughterhouse in Cheonan is taking place one by one, thanks to our supporters.

There’s something shared by all of our dogs that are leaving Korea to find new families. They have all had people caring for them physically and emotionally, healing their wounds and holding them close.

Lily is one of those loved dogs.

Lilly showed her love for people, even at the site of the dog slaughtering. At our first meeting, she stretched out her little legs and snuggled up to us, gazing up with her smiling eyes.

When Lily went to her foster home, it was discovered that she had a severe skin disease, was suffering from kennel cough, and was just about to develop a lung infection.

The fosterer felt that Lily was special and simply had to be saved.

Lily was treated and recovered at the vet, and was soon smiling again. Not long after that, she left to meet her new family in Las Vegas, U.S.

The process of organizing temporary homes to care for rescued dogs, and arranging for overseas adoption is not easy. A lot of energy goes into this work and it can be emotionally exhausting.

However, there are many who are willing to open their homes to provide temporary and rehabilitative care again and again to the dogs that we rescue.

We want to send a message of thanks and admiration for those that are silently caring for those precious lives, even right at this moment.

Thank you for being there.

Every time a dog flies abroad to his or her new home, we are always glad that the time and effort has been worth it. However, there are many more dogs in our shelters waiting for families.

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