Rescued from Cheonan Slaughterhouse – Cory’s Story

Cory was rescued from the Cheonan Dog Slaughterhouse by CARE staff and volunteers.

The wound in Cory’s neck caused by the collar

At the time of the rescue, the weather was unbearably hot to the point of being hard to breathe, and Cory had a hard time with a tight collar digging into her neck.

When we took the collar off, numerous maggots fell off with it. We can only imagine how painful and itchy Cory’s neck must have been in such a state.

She received the necessary treatment thanks to a number of people who stepped up to help after hearing her story.

We are ever so grateful to Cory’s fosterer who looked after her before she got on the plane for Las Vegas to meet her new forever family.

5 months have passed since this rescue, but there are still many dogs waiting to be adopted. If you can save one of them by adopting, please email “adopt AT careanimalrights DOT org” to register your interest.

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