Rescued from Cheonan Slaughterhouse – Bo’s Story

We are pleased to announce that Bo, who was rescued from the Cheonan Slaughterhouse, has found his forever family!

Most dogs that are held at dog farms or slaughterhouses tend to shy or run away when they see humans. They rush to get away when we extend our hands to them, and even pee or poop in fear. These dogs are fully aware that they are likely to be put to death when a human being approaches them.

However, Bo was different. Bo seemed to have given up and didn’t attempt to run away. It would have been less heartbreaking had he had run off or barked at us. But he didn’t even flinch.

We initially thought thought that Bo would be difficult to get adopted, and we wanted to make sure that he received love, so that’s how he came into our care.

The organizations that are affiliated with CARE often get reprimanded for adopting and rehoming dogs from other countries, because there are also countless dogs in their own countries that still need to be adopted. Nevertheless, these organizations continue to help by adopting dogs from Korea because they can’t watch innocent lives being slaughtered by such cruel methods.

But even with such organizations, it didn’t seem like it was going to be easy for Bo to be adopted.

So, it came like a bolt out of the blue when someone offered to adopt the most “unadoptable dog!” It was a vindication of all the hard work the staff had put in.

Bo got on the plane and headed for Las Vegas to meet his new family.

We were so happy to hear that Bo is gradually opening his heart to them.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards everyone who helped Bo recover from his ordeal.

Thank you all so much!

We need you!

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