Pumba was rescued from a dog farm in Bulgyeo, Boseong-gun in South Jeolla Province.

Like the other dogs, Pumba actively wagged his tail to welcome his rescuers, even though he was shut up in a cage.

Pumba was lucky enough to be fostered as soon as he was rescued, and thanks to his fosterer, he was able to have a party and photoshoots which he would have never been able to dream of if he had still been at the dog farm.

Pumba grew to be a healthy dog, but unfortunately, it was time to say farewell to his fosterer, because someone residing in Victoria, Canada had contacted us and wanted him.

Pumba, now lives a new kind of life, with a prairie with a spacious oceanic background as his playground–doesn’t this sound like a real turn around from his previous life?

We would like to express our gratitude to Pumba’s fosterer and adopter for showing him the meaning of family.

We never forget that we’re able to tell you this kind of news because there are unsung heroes constantly working hard in the background to help animals in need. We thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

We hope Pumba finds happiness from now on!

Every time a dog flies abroad to his or her new home, we are always glad that the time and effort has been worth it. However, there are many more dogs in our shelters waiting for families.

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