Incheon Grand Park Admits Selling Animals to Slaughterhouses!

We met with representatives of Incheon Grand Park and discussed their sales of animals to slaughterhouses.

They admitted to selling animals in order to control the increase in numbers, and agreed that it was the wrong thing to do.

They also outlined plans to improve the general conditions for animals, with a new roadmap to be implemented early next year. The specifics are yet to be decided, however, the Park has promised that there will be no more sales to slaughterhouses, and that the animals will be neutered to keep their numbers in check.

We also requested that Incheon Grand Park Children’s Zoo share its plans for managing the said facilities, and the Park has agreed to do so.

We’ll keep you updated as the information is forthcoming.

There is still much to do, however, to solve the problem of animals being sold to slaughterhouses, not the least of which is a survey of all the national and public zoos of Korea regarding their sales of animals.

To put a stop to such activities, though, the Ministry of Environment has to take charge, and revisions to the law must also be implemented.

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