This video shot by CARE back in 2018 shows scenes of tens of thousands of the pelts of racoons and foxes scattered about in mounds in a Chinese fur market.

You are watching part of the fur manufacturing process.

Sadly, most of the raccoon and fox fur attached to your hoods and decorating other parts of your clothing are ripped from the animals while they are still alive.

After the fur is taken off, the workers use a stick to beat the pelts before taking them to go through the chemical manufacturing process at the factory.

A highly toxic substance called Formaldehyde—a strong-smelling chemical used to preserve organic tissue and cells—is used at this stage. Through this process, the pelts of the raccoons and foxes expand to 3 times bigger than normal and become extremely soft. Formaldehyde is a Group 1 carcinogen that is absorbed by breathing it in or by contact with the skin, and is considered incredibly harmful.

This year, 6 out of 13 (46.2%) clothing items for children that included natural fur exceeded 5.14 times the maximum safe amount (75mg/kg) of Formaldehyde, and are ineligible for sale.

This winter, more than the average amount of fur has been produced.

The result of animal abuse can never benefit our health and wellbeing. Please consider not wearing fur on the hoods of your clothes from now on!

Change your purchasing habits for the benefit of the animals who suffer horrifically on a daily basis in the name of fashion.

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