Fastest Adoption in the … East

We had no idea how we would cope with three more dogs dumped on our doorstrep one morning, but even before we had advertized them, someone came forward to adopt all three.

One morning, we saw someone tying up some dogs–what looked like a mother and her two puppies–at the front door of one of our shelters.

“Mister! What are you doing?”

“Well, because there’s an animal shelter here, I thought it better to put the dogs here than anywhere else…”

said the man who happened to live nearby. 

When we heard this, we didn’t know how to react at first. We currently have over 600 animals at our shelters and because of overcrowding, it’s been hard for us to take in more animals.

However, if we refused to take in these dogs, they may be sold to a dog farm. So we brought back the mother dog and her two puppies back to Seoul with us.

We had no idea how we would be able to cope with three more dogs, but even before we had advertized them for adoption, someone came forward to adopt all three.

The adopter is a subscriber to our newsletter whose 17-year-old dog had recently crossed the rainbow bridge. She had initially only planned to adopt one dog, but since all three dogs were a family and looked so cute together, she decided to adopt all three of them. 

Not only did this help us immensely, it avoided the trauma of separating a mother and her babies, both of which we are extremely grateful for.

We were told the dogs were perfectly potty trained within days.

We wish the three dogs joyful and long lives at their new home.

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