Cheonan Dog Slaughterhouse Survivors Prepare for Japan

Since bringing to light the atrocities of the Cheonan Dog Slaughterhouse in July this year, many people from not only Korea but abroad—most notably the U.S. and Japan—have reached out to help the surviving dogs.

Our friends from Japan have taken an interest in this affair from the very beginning. They have visited the site—where dogs were burned alive—and offered to adopt 10 of the dogs we and volunteers rescued from the nightmare.

The process of taking the dogs to Japan takes more work and documentation than for other countries, and we are taking care to be thorough with each process so that there are no unnecessary delays.

We have had the dogs vaccinated for heartworms and for the prevention of other complications. The dogs have also been spayed and many have been treated for various skin problems.

On November 28th, we visited an inspection center in Japan—the Research Institute for Animal Science in Biochemistry & Toxicology—taking the blood serum samples of the fully-vaccinated dogs.

We are now waiting for the results, and the dogs that pass inspection will be able to move to Japan around spring and early summer next year.

We will keep you informed as often as we can about the progress we make to get these dogs safely to their new homes.

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