Why We Can Never Give Up

On November 2nd, we rescued a mother dog trembling with fear as she dug a hole in the ground to hide and protect her pups.

At the time, a video of this dog, trying desperately to hide her pups though she herself was tied to a post, went viral and many people asked for our help.

But as our shelter is full, with veterinary bills totalling tens of millions of Won to be paid, we could not reach a decision quickly.

We thought that help would be at hand, since the video had become a hot issue, but nothing changed as several days passed. Then we received news that some of the pups had already died.

Luckily, Dove Project, the overseas group cooperating with us, was willing to have the dogs treated and get them adopted. So we hurried to the site, together with activists David Heo and Lee Si-eun. We ended up saving the mother dog and three of her pups.

At the vet it was discovered that the mother dog had heartworms. Her pups are being treated and protected, and will soon be moved to temporary shelters.

Some of our supporters are increasingly worried about us. They say

Can you keep up your rescue activities under such hard circumstances?

CARE should save its donations, and hold off the rescuing for now.

With so many people waiting for CARE to blunder and fall, why don’t you defend yourself more?

If we closed our eyes to the realities of animals in pain, we could continue with less worry about money, and often our accumulated bills are a source of grief. But we cannot give up the rescue work.

We are unable to save the million dogs that are slaughtered each year for meat, or the dogs neglected in cruel environments. But we may save another life by carrying on.

That is why we have to continue, despite the calumny and ridicule directed against us.

We haven’t neglected this work for the last 20 years, and we will continue for as long as we can.

We will keep you posted with news of the dogs.

We need you!

We rely entirely on people like you. Help us rescue more animals in need by becoming a regular donor.​

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