We Wish There Were No Abused Animals

We were sent a video on October 15th. In the video, a man approached a dog tied to a post and kicked its jaw. The dog shrank from the man’s kicks and another dog, shut in an off-ground cage opposite, was showing signs of stress.

It was a typical cene of animal cruelty.

The informant, a CARE volunteer, went to Jangheung in South Jeolla Province, where the attacks occurred. Police and district officials also visited the site of the crime, and the attacker gave up his ownership of both dogs.

We will press charges against the perpetrator of the cruelty against these dogs for violation of the Animal Protection Act.

We named the two dogs Kangi and Hongi, and took them to a vet right away. Kangi, a male, was neutered at the vet. Hongi, a female, had a bladder full of unreleased urine and was suffering from heartworms.

We cannot rescue as many animals as before as our shelters are still almost full to capacity, but it was impossible to ignore the plight of Kangi and Hongi in that environment.

They are both being treated, vaccinated, and prepared for overseas adoption—being large dogs—while coming back to full health in our shelter. But such treatment and rehabilitation is not cheap, and we could do with your support.

If you’d like to help them recover, consider making a donation so that they are ready to go when they find their new homes.

We need you!

We rely entirely on people like you. Help us rescue more animals in need by becoming a regular donor.​

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