Foie Gras and Summer Horse Carriage Rides Banned in NYC

Fattening of ducks in single cages with force-feeding for the production of fatty liver ("foie gras") in France in 2012.

Foie gras and summertime rides on horse-drawn carriages will become a thing of the past in New York City.

On October 30th, New York City Council passed a number of bills, including a ban on foie gras and new laws for horse-drawn carriages during hot summer days. They will take effect in 2022.

For a goose or a duck to develop a liver fatty enough to be used for the dish, farmers normally force-feed the bird grain via a small metal tube thrust into the throat multiple times a day.

New York City accounts for about a third of the revenue for Marcus Henley, owner and operator of two foie gras producing farms in upstate New York. Without that revenue, Henley’s farms would be unsustainable and would put 400 employees out of work.

Stores and restaurants can be charged between US$500 and US$2,000 for selling foie gras.

Animal rights activists also saw victory due to the new restrictions to horse-drawn carriage operations.

Horses pulling carriages in Central Park will not be able to work if the air temperature exceeds 90° Fahrenheit, or is above 80° Fahrenheit and the Equine Heat Index is 150 or more. The Equine Heat Index is determined by adding the air temperature in Fahrenheit to humidity.

The bills passed also included banning the trafficking of wild birds, requiring the NYPD to report data in regard to animal cruelty complaints, and requiring dogs being boarded in city kennels to be vaccinated for Bordetella.

We welcome the newly passed laws in New York City and can’t help comparing the Big Apple’s stricter rules banning animal abuse with the Korean government’s inability to come up with a ban on dog meat for fear of the reaction from the dog meat industry.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-3.0

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