Cheonan Dog Slaughterer Case Sent to Public Prosecutor

The case of the Cheonan Dog Slaughterer, who hanged dogs by the neck and burned them alive, has now been passed on to the Cheonan branch of the Daejon Public Prosecutor’s Office. The police investigator has dispatched the case with the formal opinion of indictment on all charges brought against this man, namely the violation of animal protection laws, specifically articles 1, 2 and 4 in Section 1; and article 4 in Section 2.

It was earlier this year, on July 21st, that we ambushed the illegal dog slaughterhouse where dogs were hanged by the neck and burned to death. According to the informant, the perpetrator of these atrocities had been slaughtering dogs in this appallingly cruel manner for approximately 20 years.

We reported this man to the police on the spot, had him arrested for violating animal protection laws, and succeeded in getting him to sign away his ownership of the remaining dogs and facilities.

Following that, CARE staff and volunteers visited the police station of the Cheonan Northwest Precinct to encourage strict measures to be taken against the slaughterer, and filed a written complaint on July 29th. On August 30th we testified as a witness for the police, and submitted additional evidence on September 3rd.

In addition, we filed an affidavit at the same police station, on a visit with Nova, the dog saved after CPR just before death at the hands of the perpetrator. This was the first time in Korea where a canine survivor of animal slaughtering made a visit to the police as a recognized witness.

The investigation went smoothly and on October 31st, the police station sent the case to the Cheonan branch of the Daejon Public Prosecutor’s Office with the official opinion that he should be indicted on all charges.

We reported this dog slaughterer for other charges too, and these have been dealt with by the related divisions of the city of Cheonan.

There is still far to go. The Prosecutor’s Office will investigate the case from the beginning, and after waiting for the results, there must be hearings and trials.

We will stay with the process to the end and do our best to see this dog slaughterer duly punished for his actions of the last twenty years, and will keep you informed of its progress.

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