Canadian Family Flew over for Ggamsang

In late August, 2019, a foreign family visited our office and expressed that she wanted to adopt Ggamsang.

The family—from Vancouver, Canada—had traveled all the way to Korea specifically to adopt Ggamsang. The wife took out a crumpled adoption form and showed it to us. At the time, however, Ggamsang was staying with a temporary family and had to go through the adoption process.

Thankfully, the couple had enough time to meet Ggamsang and they made their decision to take her home.

Ggamsang was rescued from a dog farm in Gimhae in November of 2018 where most of the dogs had been abandoned or had gone missing. She was malnourished, severely underweight, and was suffering from heartworms.

Luckily, Ggamsang found her forever family less than a year after being rescued. But, there are countless other animals like Ggamsang waiting for their forever home, and we really want to rehome them as soon as possible.

Please take a look at the cats and dogs we have available for adoption, and consider making one of them the newest member of your family and giving them the life they deserve.

We need you!

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