Beach Bum Jindo Finally Rescued

We received a call that a white Jindo dog was roaming around Eurwangni Beach in Incheon, wearing a collar that was so tight that it was cutting into its neck causing the flesh to rot. According to the caller, the dog had spent the past year or so hanging around the beach, surviving on bits of food left over by the fishermen. The was convinced the dog would have great difficulty surviving the winter.

The nylon collar had become so tight that the neck had blackened and the flesh was starting to rot. We didn’t know how long it would be able to hold up, roaming around the beach in such a poor condition.

We visited the beach frequently for two weeks in order to rescue the dog, but it was not easy. Other people had tried to help, but the dog only grew suspicious and avoided them. Even emergency services had been called to rescue it and had failed to do so.

Although we had other rescues to attend to, we couldn’t leave it in such a state and let the dog starve or freeze to death over the winter. Finally, with help from the locals, we succeeded in rescuing the dog. We immediately took her to the nearest vet.

At the vet, we discovered that the dog was actually pregnant and about to give birth, even in that severe condition. The old nylon collar that was suffocating her had dug in deeply, exposing raw flesh.

Thankfully, she is no longer in pain and she and her pups will be spending this winter in a warm and comfortable place. The informant offered to foster her through her treatment and recouperation, for which we are sincerely grateful.

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