Yoontaek; from Nomad to Bubbly Buddy

In June 2019, Yoontaek was taken into foster care after a member of his family was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. However, the landlord of Yoontaek’s foster home abhorred animals and even threatened to evict his foster parent.

Urgently, we helped him find a new refuge.

While we hoped Yoontaek would finally settle down in his new home, we received news that he frequently got into fights with the dog that was already living there. Yoontaek had no choice but to continue his nomadic life.

We shared Yoontaek’s story on social media and were fortunate to find a new family to welcome him. His new adoptive parent had had two animals – 14 and 18 years old – that were unfortunately no longer around.

Not only is Yoontaek a well-behaved and potty-trained boy, but he also adapts quickly to his new environment.

Yoontaek, we hope that you’ve finally found your forever home. Always be the bright, bubbly boy that you are!

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