Among the dogs we rescued from the Gangwon Province wildfires in South Korea were Clara and her unborn puppies. Clara and Jelly were adopted by a family in Las Vegas, and Plum has become Las Vegas Fire Department’s therapy dog.

We are delighted to tell you that another of Clara’s puppies, White, has found a new adoptive family.

White, or “Lucy” as she has been renamed, will be living with a family of an Air Force veteran, a firefighter, and two children.

We are continuing to rescue, treat, shelter, and find families for animals rescued from the Gangwon Province wildfires, and we greatly appreciate the support we have received from volunteers and donors both in Korea and abroad, and the cooperation of international animal rescue organizations.

If you’d like to help more dogs like Joshua, please consider making a donation, or check out other dogs and cats available for adoption.

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