We Welcome Seoul’s Ban of Dog Slaughtering

CARE has always campaigned for the banning of live animal slaughter at traditional markets in Seoul. Our exposure of the last slaughterhouse at Joongang market was a part of that campaign.

Won-soon Park, the Mayor of Seoul, was always willing to put an end to slaughterhouses within the city, but without a foundation of law to ban slaughter, we had to witness a lot of persuasion and police curbs, until at last, slaughterhouses are finally made illegal.

However, there has been no inspection of smaller slaughter facilities that operate under the radar. We request that the public continue to provide information about any slaughter of dogs or cats that is still going on.

We will continue to strive for the day when all slaughter facilities are banned by law, rather than police curbs or persuasion on an individual basis. And we will continue to keep an eye on illegal slaughter of animals besides dogs and cats, such as chicken and goats.

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