Rescued from Cheonan Slaughterhouse – Whistle’s Story

There was nothing to drink when they were thirsty. There was nothing to eat when they were hungry. There was no roof over their heads when it rained, but at least that allowed them to temporarily quench their thirst. When they were given food waste, it was at least something to swallow.

At times, the sun dried up the ground, and there wasn’t even food waste to eat. In those moments, all they could do was eat their own feces and drink their urine. That was their only way to survive.

“They” were the dogs of Cheonan slaughterhouse—where dogs were burned alive—which we shut down in July, 2019.

Following Barrett, who is now called Seorak, the second dog to be adopted by a new family is Whistle. Whistle was adopted by a family in Las Vegas.

Thanks to his foster parent, Whistle was able to spend his days comfortably in foster care prior to his journey abroad to a new forever home.

Whistle is a Groenendael, a so-called “purebred,” that some people would choose to pay high sums of money to buy. There were a handful of purebred dogs in Cheonan slaughterhouse.

Even these “purebred dogs,” that are often rarer and more expensive, can become meat in South Korea. In this harsh reality, dogs are essentially only categorized as two types; livestock and pets.

We encounter countless animals suffering in horrific situations and receive numerous requests for rescue. As you read this, there are animals being slaughtered in painful ways. And though we are limited by time and resources, we’ll continue—with your help—to reduce that suffering by rescuing and rehoming the ones we can.

We need you!

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