Rescued from Cheonan Slaughterhouse – Barrett’s Story

Barrett was rescued from the Cheonan slaughterhouse where dogs had been hanged and burned alive for 20 years.

When we first discovered Barrett, he was in a cage covered in his own waste with lesions on his legs which exposed the bone. He was immediately taken in for surgery, as his leg could no longer support him.

Words like “amputation” and “euthanasia” came up, but we didn’t want to give up just yet.

It was a surgery that could have been Barrett’s last, but thankfully, he survived the grueling operation, received continuing treatment, and started to recover. During the operation, he was also neutered, and when he was strong enough, he was transferred to a foster home.

Barrett was scheduled to be adopted abroad, but his foster mom decided to welcome Barrett as a permanent family member! She already had two other animals under her care.

We are extremely grateful to our volunteers and foster carers like Barrett’s mom who have been donating their time and energy to help the dogs rescued from the Cheonan slaughterhouse. Without them, a mass rescue such as this one would not have been possible.

Barrett was renamed “Seorak,” which is the name of a large and beautiful mountain in Gangwon Province. Just like the meaning of his new name, we wish Seorak and his new family a cheerful and grand new beginning!

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