From Inferno to Life – Cheonan Slaughterhouse Dogs 4

Two months have passed since we investigated and shut down the slaughterhouse at Cheonan where dogs had been burned alive for 20 years.

Animals in dire need of medical attention were transported to hospitals, while the rest were provided with food and water on-site. Around 80 out of 100 dogs were rescued by us and private volunteers.

Other international animal rescue organizations will aid in the adoption of the following 31 dogs in addition to the dogs that have been previously announced.

Our activists, volunteers, and international organizations are helping with medical treatment and foster care for the dogs rescued from the Cheonan slaughterhouse.

Once the dogs have fully recovered, they will be flown out to other countries with the help of our flight volunteers to meet their new families. We will keep you updated on all successful adoption stories.

Becoming an international flight volunteer would help these dogs tremendously in reaching their new homes. If you would like to help by becoming a flight volunteer, we would appreciate it very much. Please use the general volunteer inquiry form to indicate your interest

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