In the winter of 2017, we were informed of two dogs that had been tied up and abandoned on short 50cm leads at a shabby storage facility in Yangpyeong County. One was white with one eye and the other was black and blood-stained. We persuaded their owner to give them both up so that we could properly take care of them. Chollang was the white dog.

Since Chollang only had one good eye, he was taken to the vet to be examined and receive treatment before being transferred to our adoption center.

Chollang wasn’t a typical disabled dog. His bubbly personality enabled him to make friends with anyone—human or non-human.

After spending 2 years at our adoption center, Chollang made his way to Toronto, Canada to meet with his forever family.

Chollang’s new adoptive mom is a yoga instructor who can stay home and look after him most of the time. He has also found a new big brother to live with, and can roam around freely in a big garden, instead of being tied up on a short leash as he once was.

Please wish Chollang all the best, so that he can leave his sad past behind him and adjust well with his new and happy surroundings with his forever family.

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