9 Dogs in a Tiny Cage – Foby’s Story

Dogs in a small cageIn October 2018, we went to a slaughterhouse in Seongnam City that was notorious for its ill treatment of dogs.

We had received a call to rescue some dogs that were abandoned in the middle of the mountains. Ironically, the caller was a dog meat merchant. He said,

I admit that I sell dog meat, but even I couldn’t tolerate something so ghastly. There are dogs crammed inside a cage. I told the owner not to keep them like that.

When we arrived at the scene, there were 9 dogs packed tightly inside a small cage. The only thing inside the cage along with the dogs was a bowl of dirty water.

Of the 9 dogs, Foby was the first to board a plane and fly to Los Angeles, California to meet her new adoptive parents.

Foby’s parents have told us that she will only sleep on the floor in their spacious house, possibly due to the trauma of her days trapped inside that tiny cage.

We hope that her new mom and dad can help her forget that experience and live a long, happy, and care-free life.

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