Won-sun Finds her Forever Family

Won-sun’s mother was one of the dogs we rescued from the notorious Namyangju dog farm in 2018.

Born into our care, Won-sun has always been friendly to both humans and dogs alike. We made that she got all her vaccines to insure she had every hope of finding a permanent family, since she was still a puppy with the highest chance of adoption.

However, we discovered that Won-sun had chronic renal failure, requiring special treatment for the rest of her life. She has to have food and supplements specifically devised to treat her ailment, and in addition, she has to have regular visits to the vet to get medicine.

From experience, we knew that it would be very hard to find a family willing to adopt Won-sun over other healthy dogs in light of her ongoing special care needs. We decided to take permanent care of Won-sun for the rest of her life.

A few months passed and out of the blue, a veterinary nurse from Toronto, Canada, applied to adopt Won-sun after hearing her story. Won-sun flew to Canada, and is now enjoying her life and the care of her new adoptive family.

Won-sun was extremely lucky to find her permanent home, but there are still so many beautiful souls being looked after by us waiting to find their forever home and family. Looking after them while they wait is draining in time, emotion, food, and medical treatments, but it’s well worth it in the end.

We ask you to please support us, so that we can continue to look after dogs with special needs while they wait for that special family who are willing to give them a forever home.

We need you!

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