Sooki’s Fireproof Will to Live

The Gangwon wildfires in April had devastated much of the province. Among the victims were animals that could not escape the flames, having been abandoned still tied up when their owners fled. Some had died in the flames attempting to break free from the ropes and chains. Others were still alive, but severely injured.

Sooki was one of those survivors.

Sooki was covered in ash, and her eyes were damaged by the heat and flames. She was promptly transported to a vet.

Despite the permanent scars on Sooki’s face, she recovered and was soon back on her feet…paws.

In May, Sooki was adopted by one of our long-term supporters. Her new family had been following her rescue story on social media and felt sympathy for this courageous little survivor. Aware of the unpopularity of larger dogs in South Korea, they wanted to rehome at least one more large dog to a warm, familial environment.

Having suffered the trauma of the Gangwon Province wildfires, what Sooki needs the most now is the loving care and compassion of a new family.

There are still many more large and small dogs and cats in our care that need new forever homes. Could you be their new family?

We need you!

We rely entirely on people like you. Help us get more animals adopted by becoming a regular donor.​

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