From Death to Life: Rescued Dogs of Cheonan One

It’s been a grueling two months since we investigated and shut down the dog slaughterhouse in Cheonan City. We did whatever we could to help the suffering animals escape from horrendous place. Our staff and volunteers rescued 80 out of the 100 or so dogs incarcerated there.

For everyone who has supported us in saving the lives of these dogs, we plan to introduce the rescued furry friends through photos as soon as we’re able.

We rescued these 15 dogs with the help of an organization in Japan. They had reported the incident to the Japanese public.

They came all the way to Korea to visit the temporary shelter that Cheonan City provided, and expressed that they are willing to adopt some of the rescued dogs.

There’s still some time before the dogs can actually travel to Japan since the quarantine period is seven months. Many of them are currently being fostered after receiving veterinary treatment, and there are dogs that still need to be examined, and some in need of intensive care.

At present, we cannot predict how much the bill for examination, treatment, and fostering will be. We implore you to help in any way you are able so all the rescued dogs can safely get to their new homes in Japan.

Once again, we’d like to express our gratitude to the organization in Japan.

We need you!

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