For one more week, Cheonan City has decided to continue providing shelter for the dogs that were rescued from the brutal Cheonan slaughterhouse. However, if these dogs are not adopted or fostered by then, they may have to be put down.

Most animal shelters in South Korea protect the animals for a certain period of time according to the law, and then the animals are euthanized.

This is the unfortunate, yet an inevitable reality in a country where there are countless pets being lost or abandoned. Moreover, there simply aren’t enough resources to rescue all the dogs from all the slaughterhouses, where approximately one million dogs are estimated to be killed for their meat each year.

Cheonan was an exceptional case, based on evidence of the abuse that went on there. Such rescues are not possible without a considerable amount of effort from animal protection groups, volunteers, and citizens.

However without people willing to adopt them, the dogs rescued with such tremendous effort face the prospect of euthanasia.

We have rescued around 40 of the Cheonan slaughterhouse dogs. However, we cannot take any more dogs into our shelters. As a result, they have been transferred to various temporary shelters all over the country, including veterinary hospitals.

While we will continue with medical treatment for the dogs, we’re urgently seeking foster families, who can commit to at least 7 months of care. This would help save a few more lives.

Please contact us at the number or email below with your name and contact information if you’re interested in becoming a foster parent.

Your help can make a life-changing impact on these dogs.

Foster Care Inquiries


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