Jelly’s 3,000 League Journey to Find Her Mother

Jelly is one of the dogs rescued from the wildfires in Gangwon Province in 2018. She, along with her mother Clara, was found unconscious on the ground.

Having lost their home to the fire, Jelly’s family could no longer take care of the two dogs and decided to give them up for adoption.

Jelly was diagnosed with Heartworms, corneal damage, and burns. After the Heartworms and burn treatments, Jelly recovered well.

Jelly’s mother, Clara, was adopted by a family in Las Vegas, Nevada. Soon after, the family decided to adopt Jelly as well.

While everything seemed to be proceeding smoothly, there was an unexpected hurdle to overcome. Jelly was too heavy to board the plane, and had to go on a last-minute crash diet. It was a difficult challenge for a girl who loves to eat!

Jelly reached her target weight and was able to fly on September 12th during the Korean mid-autumn festival holiday (Chuseok) to be reunited with her mother in Las Vegas.

Every time a dog flies abroad to his or her new home, we are always glad that the time and effort has been worth it. However, it’s a sad reality that for the majority of large dogs in South Korea, the relatively small chance of adoption by families abroad is their only hope.

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