Jeha Across the Ocean Flew to Meet her Family New

In April 2018, we rescued Jeha and her puppies on Jeju Island. The mother and babies were seriously neglected and starving in the cold rain. Their owner threatened to sell them to a slaughterhouse.

We flew Jeha and her puppies to Seoul, and after a checkup at the vet, the puppies were transferred to our shelter and foster homes.

When we first met Jeha, she was cowering with her head down, which indicated potential prior abuse. However, it didn’t take long for her to open up to people.

When the adoption abroad process was completed, Jeha boarded a plane once again to fly all the way to Los Angeles to meet her new family.



Prior to Jeha’s long journey, we were worried that she would have a hard time in the plane and adjusting to the new environment. However, there was nothing to worry about! Jeha was calm and peaceful upon arrival at her new home.

Jeha’s puppies are in our care at the moment, and we’re working to find them new homes as well.

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