From Inferno to Life – Cheonan Slaughterhouse Dogs 2

Two months have passed since we investigated and shut down the slaughterhouse at Cheonan where dogs had been burned alive for 20 years.

Animals in dire need of medical attention were transported to hospitals, while the rest were provided with food and water on-site.

Around 80 out of 100 dogs were rescued by us and private volunteers. The following are 13 more dogs that, in addition to the others published earlier, will be adopted with the help of a Japanese animal protection group and an American animal protection group called DOVE Project.

DOVE Project has been closely following the dog meat issue in South Korea and contributing to the effort with campaigns and publicity on billboards and buses. It has also been actively encouraging the adoption of dogs rescued from South Korean dog farms.

Upon hearing the news of the Cheonan slaughterhouse, DOVE Project volunteered to arrange international adoptions for a number of the dogs.

These 13 dogs have received skin disease treatments and are recovering at a temporary shelter.

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