Dandy’s Heart Mends with his New Family

In May 2018, we liberated Dandy from a slaughterhouse in Namyangju City. Like many other slaughterhouses in South Korea, this one had cages with dogs crammed inside and piles of dog waste everywhere. Dandy was waiting for death in this nightmarish place.

When rescued, Dandy was immediately transferred to a vet, where he was diagnosed with level 4 heartworms. It was an inevitable consequence of living in such unsanitary conditions.

After treatment and recovery, Dandy was transferred to another shelter, where he could receive recuperative care. Meanwhile, an American animal protection group called Dove Project helped Dandy find a new home. On August 4th, Dandy flew to LA to meet his new family.

Despite a long and exhausting journey, Dandy immediately wagged his tail and warmed up to his new family.

Dandy is a lucky boy, but he reminds us that there are still countless other dogs imprisoned in tiny cages awaiting their deaths. However, with the help of both our existing and new supporters, and with the help and support of international organizations like Dove Project, we can free more dogs from a miserable existence and a brutal death.

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