Sori Heads for a New Life in America

In early summer of last year, we rescued around 200 dogs from a dog farm in Namyang-ju, Gyeonggi Province. Dumi was one of the rescued dogs, and she was pregnant. We can only imagine what it must have been like to spend the unbearably hot summer locked up inside an off-the-ground cage eating rotten food. She endured it all for the sake of her unborn.

Dumi gave birth to Sori, just before the hottest days of the year began. We don’t know what would have happened to the dogs if they hadn’t been rescued in time.

The two dogs were both brought to the CARE shelter, and Sori was neutered and tested for any contagious diseases. Later, Sori was taken to the adoption center to be bathed and got ready for adoption.

After brushing for over an hour, we were able to get all fur sorted and groomed. It must have been hard for Sori to adjust to the new environment but she was friendly towards the staff and very well-behaved.

On the day of departure, Sori bid farewell to all the staff at the adoption center and headed to the airport. When she arrived at the airport, Sori took a walk and a cloud appeared in the sky and provided shade for Sori from the hot sun. After taking her walk and upon completing her departure formalities, Sori left for America.

Sori meets her new family

Sori arrived in L.A after 11 hours of flight.

Sori seemed puzzled to meet her new family for the first time. Her expression displays a certain look when she is curious about something. But we are sure that Sori will be the first to reach out to her adoptive family once she gets settled and adjusted to the new situation.

If Sori hadn’t been rescued in time, she might never have ended up experiencing the feel of a cool breeze under a shade during the summer. We’re so glad that she now knows that feeling and how it feels to have a family.

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