Rescued Dogs in Dog Day Water Park

On August 11th—the last of the hottest summer days in South Korea—CARE and around 30 volunteers visited the dogs rescued from the Cheonan Slaughterhouse.

The visit was to give them their first baths. The dogs that had been awaiting their imminent slaughter had been rescued and transferred to a temporary shelter provided by the city of Cheonan.

Having lived in nightmarish conditions of accumulated dog waste, rotten food, and severe skin diseases, the dogs reeked of powerful stench, so we wanted to gift them with a refreshing bath.

There were newborns at the temporary shelter. A pregnant mother had just given birth and was taking care of her babies, who could hardly even open their eyes.

Our staff and volunteers prepared a small pool and some snacks for the dogs. Under the scorching sun, we bathed the dogs.

Some dogs were startled by the cool water at first, while others immediately relaxed and enjoyed it. After shampooing and rinsing off, the dogs entered the pool.

CARE is currently working with not only a Japanese animal rights group, but also other international rescue organizations for potential international adoptions.

For now, CARE and its members have helped rescue, treat, and take care of 24 dogs, including Nova, Romeo, and Juliet. It may be possible to rescue and treat the rest of the dogs as well with your help.

We appreciate your continued support!

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