Fom Darkness to Light in Los Angeles

Dark was found at a dog farm in Yangsan—a city just north of Busan on the south east coast of South Korea—with one of his legs missing. His home was a rusty off-the-ground cage with a couple of rotten and broken wooden boards for a floor.

Dark had lost his mother as soon as he was born. In the cage next to Dark’s, a white Jindo dog was breastfeeding her pups that were about Dark’s age, so he crawled into their cage through a hole and tried to approach the mother dog. However, protective of her own puppies, the Jindo snapped viciously at Dark, biting off his leg right up to the shoulder blade.

With the help of your support, Dark was rescued, treated, and adopted overseas.

After hearing Dark’s story, a couple in Las Vegas who already had a canine companion decided to add him to their family.

Dark, who was originally destined to be food for human consumption, now lives in a home with a pool, has a soft bed, his own toys, and is receiving lots of love.

We are delighted that Dark’s story has a happy ending, but this is not the case for many dogs who suffer a fate not as human companions, but as human food.

Nearly 1 million dogs are slaughtered each year for consumption in South Korea, and with your support, we will continue to fight for their second chance at life and a caring family.

We need you!

We rely entirely on people like you. Help us get more animals adopted by becoming a regular donor.​

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