Cheonan Dog Slaughterhouse Update

On July 21st, CARE investigated a slaughterhouse in Cheonan City where dogs were hung by the neck and burned alive.

Following this, we sued the slaughterer and requested emergency measures be taken to protect the remaining dogs by the city of Cheonan. We also asked for help from the public to find homes for the dogs, since our shelters are currently full.

While there were no applications from within South Korea to adopt the larger dogs, people living overseas have applied to adopt them.

However, complaints were made to Cheonan City Hall who responded by restricting access by CARE volunteers to care for and remove the dogs citing quarantine measures. Because of this, animals continued to suffer and die at the slaughterhouse.

On July 30th, we visited City Hall with around twenty activists and volunteer workers to protest.

We demanded the following from the City of Cheonan:

  • To not restrict the volunteers from entering the site,
  • To move the remaining animals to a temporary shelter provided by CARE or the City of Cheonan, to protect them,
  • To communicate with CARE when receiving adoption applications, to verify the applicants,
  • And to comply with the overseas adoption of animals arranged by CARE.

Cheonan City has promised to let group volunteers enter the former slaughterhouse, with permission from the City Shelter. The City has also asked CARE for a list of animals that have been adopted overseas. There are adoption applications from overseas for around thirty dogs, and we are currently organizing them. There has so far been no answer to the other requests, and notices for adoption are beginning to show up on the city’s animal protection system.

We will continue to demand more active protection measures from Cheonan City.

After the protest, the activists and volunteers went to the slaughterhouse. On arrival, they found the bodies of dead puppies. There were also dogs with deep wounds on their limbs showing their bones, and dogs with worm-infested wounds in the throat caused by ropes. The slaughterhouse was filled with the stench of feces, and in places, covered with dead mice.

The activists and volunteers provided food and water for the dogs, and worked to release the dogs from the off-ground cages where they could not be allowed to stay any longer, being filthy with feces.

As already stated, we cannot remove the dogs from the site to our own shelters and we are worried that dogs that are being processed for adoption may suffer further health problems if they stay on site for too long.

If you can adopt one of the larger dogs from Cheonan, please email adopt ‘AT’ careanimalrights ‘DOT’ org to register your interest.

If you can offer financial support to help us prepare the dogs for overseas adoption, please visit our donation page.

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