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In the sweltering summer heat, over 100 dogs living in their own waste were finally rescued and transferred to a temporary shelter provided by Cheonan City on August 6th.

On July 21, we investigated a slaughterhouse where dogs were hanged and burned alive. We pressed charges against the slaughterer and urged Cheonan City to promptly rescue the remaining dogs at the scene. We also monitored the safety of the remaining dogs, and promoted their adoption.

This mass rescue was the second one following South Korea’s first-ever mass rescue initiated by us in Hanam City in July 2018. Furthermore, the Cheonan incident marked the first time that the local government provided an external protection site for the rescued animals.

On the day of the transfer, our activists were joined by about 25 volunteers from all over the country, who worked hard in summer heat exceeding 35 degrees celcius to transfer the animals to safety. We would like to sincerely thank all the volunteers who stayed positive and enthusiastic from morning to late night despite the foul working conditions and without breaks.

Our staff and the volunteers helped to provide food and water to the dogs, washed and prepared food and water bowls for use at the temporary shelter, and prevented heat stroke by spraying cool water on dogs suffering in the summer heat.

The dogs awaiting slaughter are just like dogs raised as pets. Upon seeing people, they wagged their tails, but also feared danger and struggled as they were placed into cages. They were all just dogs—not livestock—fearing the same things, and expressing the same emotions. When they arrived at the temporary shelter, their expressions changed and they visibly relaxed.

The Cheonan City dog slaughterhouse rescue is not over yet, however. Cooperating with foreign organizations, we will continue to process adoptions for as many animals as we can. In order to do so, though, a considerable amount of time and money is needed, including but not limited to, transportation and medical treatment.

If you can help in any way, even with just a few dollars, it will be greatly appreciated.

At the end of the day

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