Bagel & Pretzel Rescued from a Closed Dog Farm

In late February 2019, at the request of DoVE, and American non-profit, we took part in the rescue of 18 dogs from a dog farm in Beolgyo, Jeonnam City.

At the time of rescue, Pretzel’s and Bagel’s face and body were almost hairless and reddened with a demodex (mites) infestation all over their bodies. They had been scratching until they bled.

Since demodex can easily be transmitted between dogs, Pretzel and Bagel were immediately isolated to receive treatment. Once they were clear of the infestation, their fur started to grow back and they were transferred to the Adoption Center, where they wait for their forever homes.

The two have regained their health, and with the help of the adoption center’s volunteers and staff, now socialize well with other dogs and approach people without fear. Pretzel will rub herself against anyone who comes to sit next to her. Bagel never stops moving. Both have changed 180 degrees since they were rescued.

Check out the adoption profiles of Pretzel or Bagel if you’re interested in adopting.

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