Abandoned Under Bridge Struggling Against the Cold

Could you help get a home for these dogs, at least for now? The weather is getting too cold for them to survive.

A number of puppies were living under a bridge in Guri in Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. An old blanket and empty bowls were scattered here and there. Nearby, a white-furred Jindo puppy was chewing a very old piece of bone.

There were more than 20 dogs in the area, and the sight of them was heartbreaking, because the weather had turned excruciatingly cold. A neighbor felt so sorry for the dogs shivering in the cold and reported the situation to CARE.

We discovered that the owner of these dogs was an elderly lady who lived in a tiny rented room. She looked after homeless dogs that she found on the streets, but since the number of the dogs had started to increase, she could no longer take care of them. When we met her, she was in tears and asked us if we could at least provide kennels for them.

Before the rescue

There wasn’t much the elderly lady could do for the dogs. There were two dog houses, a few thin blankets, and just enough dog food for the dogs to barely survive on. Nothing could have been done about the cold weather. The dogs were evidently struggling with cold and hunger, but nevertheless, they seemed happy to see us.

On arrival, the rescue crew first provided the dogs with dog houses, blankets and dog food, which seemed the most urgently needed. We would have liked to have taken the dogs to our animal shelter straight away, but realistically, these dogs were in urgent need of treatment, vaccination, neutralization surgery and other medical treatments. If they had been left longer in that situation, it would have been detrimental to their health.

These dogs had been abandoned, and even though they were being taken care of by the elderly lady, she was struggling to make ends meet and could no longer cope on her own.

There was no way that they could continue living under the bridge, so they were taken by the rescue team to get medical treatment and later to safe accommodation.

The dogs rescued that day were Apollo, Lexi, Amelia, and Liam.

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