Stray Cat Rescued Near Head Office

Last week, a young stray cat was rescued by CARE employees.

The cat was found near CARE’s head office and had a serious head injury from fighting with other cats. This cat was taken to the vet and received treatment and neutralization surgery.

On Monday, CARE staff took the cat back to the head office to release it, but the employees of Bukchon Art Hall heard that it had been discharged from the vet and decided to adopt it and named it ‘Yulmoo.’

If it wasn’t for the employees at Bukchon Art Hall feeding the cat while it was a stray, Yulmoo would not have been seen by the CARE staff, and may not have been rescued, treated, and adopted.

A little care can truly make an immense difference for animals living on the streets. We hope that Yulmoo will have its scars healed in no time, and live a long and happy life.

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