In the ruins of the Gangwon Province forest fire near Gangneung—a town on the northeast coast of South Korea—we found a mixed breed dog. Not knowing what she was called, we named her “Otu.”

Despite reporting Otu to the County office, we have yet to receive a response from her owner.

Otu was found lying unmoving and silent in the middle of a muddy field. Her fur was the same color as the mud and slightly blackened. It was lucky that she was discovered by the neighbors, who took us to her.

Otu had severe burns to her ears, nose, eyes, paws, and thighs, as well as necrosis on her face and ears. She suffered damage to her corneas, and may lose her sight or have reduced vision.

Otu was quickly taken to the vet for emergency treatment, and will have weeks of recovery and rehabilitation.

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