Reimbursement of Donations: Save the Cow

The pregnant cow who escaped the disastrous forest fire in Gangwon Province, died on April 9th, at approximately 10 a.m.

On April 22nd, the cow was to have been taken to the Space SEON sanctuary in North Chungcheong Province, to receive intensive treatment and care, and was expected live happily for the rest of her days. However, just before CARE staff arrived to make the last preparations, we were told that she had drawn her last breath.

Those who were in charge of livestock of the province urged the cow be put to death in order for the owner to be compensated, but we strongly opposed this and tried to purchase her, which was the only way to save her.

We contacted veterinarians to have her treated for her wounds from the fire. The vets applied ointments, gave her nutritional injections, and various other treatments. We acquired a truck for relocating her, completed all the necessary quarantine processes–which took two days–and prepared for her move.

So many worked incredibly hard to save her, especially since she was the only one to survive the fire by freeing herself from her chains and escaping the barn while the other cows died in the fire.

We raised enough through donations to purchase the cow from her owner, and found the right people to adopt her.

However, despite her struggle and will to live, she could not hold out any longer, and tragically died along with her unborn calf.

We’d like to express both gratitude towards and regret for everyone who took part in her rescue; the animal rights organization MOVE (TwitterFacebook – both Korean) for their hard work and for finding a sanctuary for her, and Space SEON for their support and agreeing to adopt her. We’d like to thank everyone who donated, spread her story on social media, donated, or just sent well-wishing messages.

Reimbursement of Donations

We will reimburse everyone who donated directly to the “Save the Cow” campaign that was published on our website by the end of this month.

If you donated through our permanent donation page and commented that your donation was for the rescue of the cow, we will reimburse you also by the end of the month.

If you donated through our permanent donation page and didn’t comment that your donation was for the rescue of the cow, your donations will be used for the treatment and rehabilitation of the other animals in our care, which will include those we rescued from the fire.

We need you!

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